Common Printer Error Codes and What They Mean


The last thing you want when you press “print” on your computer is for your printer to freeze and display an error code. You might think about looking for a nearby printer repair service in order to get the most practical expert service if you don’t already have a printer repairman on hand. In order to ascertain whether the issue can be resolved without the assistance of a printer repair professional, it may be useful to become familiar with certain error codes. If you do have to engage a specialist to address the issue, having the error number handy might also help you save time. Before restarting the printer after noticing an error code, note down and save the number. Although you can always look up the problem code online, these are some of the most typical HP trouble codes you could encounter:

Error Code 02 

The “warming up” HP error code 02 is often related to issues with the printer’s paper and toner cartridges. By turning off the printer and unplugging the USB or I/O cord, you can resolve the issue. Check to verify if the printer indicates it is ready after turning it back on. After that, you can update the printer cable’s driver. If following these instructions does not seem to resolve the issue, there might be a hardware problem, in which case you should start looking for a copier repair service like those provided by Cal Tech Copier.

Error Code 10

This HP error number refers to a memory issue with the printer. This indicates that the toner cartridge chip cannot be read by your printer. Restarting the printer, replacing the ink cartridge, or reinstalling it are all possible solutions to this issue. Call printer repair services to inspect the hardware of your printer if all else fails.

Error Code 11

You should be aware that HP error code 11 often flashes when you run out of paper before looking for “printer repair near me.” There is a simple fix if this is the situation. However, if the printer has enough paper loaded and error code 11 keeps flashing, there may be a problem with the paper sensor or paper tray. Check the tray for any damage, paper misalignment, or toner buildup while making sure your printer is positioned on a flat surface.

Error Code 13

One of the most common HP error codes is number 13, which signifies a paper jam. This can happen when pages are picked up when the printer is in the process of printing and during fusing or exiting the printer. The newer your printer is, the more specificity you will be given in terms of the paper jam location. You should ensure that your paper is compatible with the printer you are using (that it is not too heavy or too light).

Error Code 16

HP error code 16 may appear if the toner in your printer becomes low. Remove the cartridge and gently shake it to redistribute the remaining toner to correct this. If that doesn’t work, your toner is likely about empty; therefore, you should just get a new one. A printer repair service can help you do this if you don’t know how to.