Interesting Printer Facts Provided by a Local Printer Repair Shop


Printers are definitely of great help for people worldwide, regardless of social status or job. However, there are still many things that people do not know or understand when it comes to printers. Many of these facts could even surprise those who even had a hand in designing them. Let’s take a look at some of these facts provided by a local printer repair shop to better understand printers in general. 

The first printed book

The subject of who printed the first book has been a topic of great debate throughout the years, but there is one answer that many people would agree is correct. This answer would be none other than the Gutenberg Bible, thanks to the meticulous work of Johannes Gutenburg. In 1455, this bible was the first printed book from where the ideals of printing have evolved from.

The Ink Cartridge Problem

When it comes to ink cartridges, people have a lot of complaining. Ink is far from cheap, over $2500 a gallon. Even the smallest of cartridges are rather pricey for most people worldwide. Not only that, but we also generate too many empty cartridges that we do not know what to do with. This situation is no rhetorical exaggeration, especially that the amount we have could encircle the earth a few times over. 

Printing House

We mentioned the first published book a little over a paragraph ago. How about the oldest printing house that was made and put to use? This fact may surprise you, but the oldest printing press that has ever existed still managed to survive and thrive until this very day. That would be none other than the Cambridge University Press, which made its historic debut in 1537. With over 2,000 books published worldwide, it’s no wonder that such a house could maintain its life for such a long time.


When it comes to toner, you might not realize that these particular printer supplies don’t take a great deal of heat for them to melt. This information is essential since toner melting is crucial for printers. While printers may seamlessly use toners, it can be quite a problem if you get some warm liquids on it by accident which can make a mess when you least expect it. 


You can understand and learn so much about printers regarding their origins, functionality, or exciting side facts about them that you might not initially consider. Thanks to this info from a local printer and copier repair shop, you now know more about these devices than you previously did, and this is just scratching the surface of other exciting pieces of knowledge surrounding printers.