Laser Printers Versus Inkjet Printers and Printer Repair Near Me


The key to having good office equipment is matching the machine to the job and managing its upkeep with a repair service. You can search “printer repair near me” to find experienced professionals in your area and research different kinds of multi-purpose printers to determine what features you need for your work. The two most common office printers are laser and inkjet. While some people may assert that one is better than the other, the truth is that both machines produce quality work. Laser printers function by melting toner on a page with a light source. Inkjet printers, on the other hand, have tiny nozzles that spray liquid ink on a page. Since their methods for printing are slightly varied, one may perform certain tasks more efficiently than the other.

If you search “printer or copier repair near me,” you will find that many services are in the business of selling, leasing, and fixing office equipment. Consult printer repair services to determine the best office machine to complete your projects. Here, we will go over some of the differences between laser and inkjet printers and how you can determine which one meets your criteria better. 

Ink vs. Toner

When you’re researching printers, you should consider the ongoing cost of printer supplies as well as the upfront cost of the machine. Laser and inkjet printers differ in the supplies that they need to function. As a matter of fact, laser printers don’t use ink at all. They need toner, which is a powered alternative made of different materials. Toner is actually more expensive than ink. However, it also lasts the longest. You may save on your cost per page with a laser printer since you will not have to replace cartridges as often as you would with an inkjet printer. 


One of the downsides of inkjet printers is that their ink cartridges will start to dry out if they aren’t used often enough. If you are a relatively small business that prints often, then this may not be an issue. However, if you need big print jobs done on an infrequent basis, then you may run into some issues with an inkjet. The result will be buying more ink cartridges in order to account for half-used and dried-out ones. Cheaper machines may also be permanently damaged if ink cartridges are dried out too often. If you are going to get an inkjet printer, then our recommendation is to find one that automatically cleans itself to avoid drying. 

Printer Workload

Laser printers are known for their ability to print big jobs in an efficient manner. In fact, laser printers can print up to 6 times more pages than inkjet printers. If you are highly dependent on your office equipment for projects, then you may want to invest in a laser printer with a high threshold. The problem with using a printer that has a lower workload threshold is that it will wear out faster. If you’re having problems with your printer, search “printer repair near me” to find professionals like Cal Tech Copier who can help.  

Printer Jobs

If you’re still unsure whether you want a laser or inkjet printer, then you should ask yourself this: what are you planning on using your printer for? Inkjet printers are the obvious choice if you need something that can print high-resolution images. Laser printers are better suited to text and medium-quality photos. Think about the kinds of projects you will be using your printer for and then determine which one is the best tool to successfully complete the job.