Should You Buy or Lease Office Equipment?


In order to maintain an efficient, high-functioning office, many business owners understand that the copy machine and printer are an essential resource, as well as having a reliable printer repair service. However, many managers struggle with deciding whether or not to buy their office equipment. While there are certainly advantages to owning an office copier, other businesses may benefit from leasing this hardware instead. The decision comes down to weighing the needs of the office with the size of the company and the amount of employees. 

Physical copies of documents and presentations can often help a business in their communication with internal and external professionals. While we currently live in a digital age, paper still hasn’t gone out of style. There are many uses for the printer and copy machines and they still stand at the forefront of every office. That is why, when this equipment breaks down, it is important to have copier repair technicians on hand to fix any problem. That is also why it is important to know whether or not your office should buy or lease your office hardware.

One of the advantages of owning office equipment is having complete control over its service and maintenance schedule. You can handle the machine as you see fit and repurpose it for other uses as well. Buying a printer and copier machine is, in essence, a long-term investment that makes sense for a lot of well-established companies. The other nice thing about purchasing office equipment is that there is an end to payments. Once a machine is paid off, it can be fully utilized in whatever way a company sees fit. 

While purchasing a multipurpose office machine is certainly a good choice for many businesses, it is not the only option on the market. Nowadays, companies can also choose to lease their copier/printer/faxer if it makes more sense financially. The initial upfront cost for leasing will always be less expensive than buying because the machine is not owned. Clients pay in monthly installments and will usually have maintenance, repairs, and other services handled by the leasing company. When leasing office equipment, some offices have a better opportunity to acquire the latest technology.

The financial difference between buying and leasing office equipment is similar to that of buying or leasing property. Buying is a long-term investment with a higher initial cost but a lower overall cost. Leasing is a convenient and temporary alternative with a lower initial cost and a higher overall cost. Many people choose to lease office equipment when their office situation is less certain or if they want to have the latest machines. Printer repair services are often included in leasing contracts as well.   

Essentially, the choice to buy or lease comes down to individual business needs and goals. Office managers should consider financial factors along with company culture and employee efficiency. Cal Tech Copier is your copier and printer supplier in Los Angeles that you can trust. For all your printer and copier service, leasing, sales, and maintenance needs, enlist our team of professionals to help get your business back in full swing.