How Product Design Services Should Evolve to Strengthen Business Practices


Thanks to advances in technology and an increase in customer-focused thinking, product design services have come a long way to develop more personalized designs that appeal to the needs of consumers. Some recent improvements in the industry include considering the accessibility of a product and integrating automation within its functions. These are just some of the ways that product design has evolved over the years. However, there are still more ways for designers to adapt their product development cycles and conceptualization of designs in order to fit the current needs of the market.

Here are some of the newest trends that are affecting product design companies

Business-Minded Designers

In this day and age, it is important to acquire as many skills as possible in order to succeed in your industry. While specialization is still important, the idea of compartmentalizing employees to one aspect of product development is old-fashioned. Designers are realizing that it is far more valuable to have a wider berth of knowledge that can be used in tandem with their area of expertise. For example, designers should not only be skilled in creating sleek, user-friendly products but they should also understand the market that they are selling this product to. This will strengthen the model of the business and ensure that the time spent on designing is worth it. 


Another concept that should be considered by every product design and development company in 2020 is inclusivity. In the past, titans of industry might have argued that tailoring products to certain people might disrupt the workflow of a company and ultimately decrease sales. However, that mindset has certainly changed and been proven incorrect by today’s standards. Now, product designers are learning that disabled individuals make up as much as twenty-six percent of the consumers buying their products. This means that there is a whole new market that has been consistently ignored for years, which is ready for socially-conscious products. Inclusivity is not only drawing a larger crowd of customers but it is also enhancing brand visibility and reputation for companies that decide to participate.  

Testing Prototypes 

Product design services are no stranger to the usability test of their products. However, it is a recent trend that designers are able to do these tests on their prototypes. Prototype testing allows for quantitative feedback as well as qualitative feedback in order to measure the value of a certain design. Success/fail rates are one of the elements that can be targeted in these trials. This helps save product design companies money over time, by not investing in the development of products that have no future outside their clever concept. 


According to experts in the field, the world of product design is changing nearly every day. Innovative companies and individuals have started challenging the accepted model of product development and have made strides in improving the process for both designers and consumers. Now, tools and skills are being used to their fullest potential, in order to produce the best possible result.