Why an Outsourced CMO Might be the Perfect Solution to Your Marketing Woes


The outsourced CMO, or chief marketing officer, is a position that is gaining prominence in many businesses of all sizes in 2019. We’re going to take a moment to discuss some of the things that an outsourced CMO can do for you, though the list is too lengthy to cover in a single article. If you feel like you don’t need a permanent CMO but having someone in the role in an interim basis is agreeable for you, you should consider whether this situation sounds like a viable option.

The Interim CMO as Master Content Creator

One of the roles that an outsourced CMO can potentially fill for you is that of a master content creator. A CMO should be able to help your team with their content strategy, whether that applies to their social media posts, blogs for your website, landing or product pages, emails for marketing purposes, etc.

Even an outsourced or an interim CMO should have no trouble getting the gist of what your company is all about in a short period, and they can create some examples of what kind of content they feel it will do you the most good to produce. The rest of the team can then follow their lead and start coming up with similar material, following the blueprint even after the outsourced CMO has moved on.

A Turnkey-Solution to Many Problems

An interim CMO should also be able to bring their previous experience to the table to help you in a variety of other ways. They can help with the hiring if you need to build up your marketing staff. They can help to develop your overall marketing strategy, and they can assist with its implementation if you are starting a new initiative or campaign.

If they are an experienced industry hand, they can help guide your less knowledgeable employees through any growing pains they might be going through in the realm of marketing. They will likely have distribution expertise if you manufacture physical products, and they can help with your PR as well. Even if you feel that you don’t have the financial resources to hire a CMO full time, someone coming in on an interim basis can transform the entire culture and outlook of your marketing department.

Finding the right outsourced CMO can be challenging, so pay careful attention to the resumes of each of your candidates. The right person should be a fast learner, capable of both abstract thought and coming up with practical solutions to various problems on the fly. A CMO can help your company to reach new heights, regardless of whether they’re a permanent hire or they are only passing through on the way to their next professional engagement.