How an Industrial Design Company Sees Industrial Design Evolving


According to design experts, an industrial design company will naturally progress with social and cultural trends of the moment. In fact, shifts in consumer habits and advancements in technology are the main catalysts for change in the industry. Many designers acknowledge that continuous innovation is the only real constant in industrial design. Fortunately, this means that industrial designers are always looking ahead and how products might be optimized for the distant and not-too-distant future.

In every new generation of designers, creativity must continue to lead the product development process. Designers bring new ideas to the table in order to better suit consumer needs, advance business goals, and make our world function at its highest potential. Here are some of the most stand-out trends that are likely to impact industrial design services for the future to come: 


As we see digital technology becoming a bigger part of our daily lives, it is increasingly important for popular products to integrate automation and connectivity into their features. More and more, people are moving towards the use of AI that can vacuum floors, drive cars, search the internet, and anticipate any of our other needs. These products offer larger value propositions to the consumer, who is increasingly looking for less responsibility and more convenience. Connectivity allows intelligent products to gather, analyze, and synthesize the appropriate data to serve the customer’s needs. 

Smaller, Wearable Devices

Along with connectivity and automation, consumers are looking for products that are portable and wearable. There is a slew of products that have been designed with this trend in mind, namely, fitness watches. These devices, while small and unassuming, have the power to record and store a lot of data to help the consumer be more health-conscious. Plus, they are fully personalized and become an expression of identity like any fashion accessory. Other products that fit this trend include Bluetooth phones and earbuds. While they are more simplistic devices, they provide a very real convenience to the consumer. 

Contemporary Tools

Industrial design companies in California have particularly noted the impact of technology on the tools and resources that designers have available to create their products. Newer manufacturing techniques such as laser cutting, 3D printing, and CNC machining have integrated themselves into development processes. They allow industrial designers to build astounding prototypes, promote product customization, and ensure greater accuracy from the original design to the finished product. 

Environmentally Conscious Consumers

Thanks to the internet, more and more people have access to a wealth of information that concerns our world and our environment. This has spawned the age of environmentalism. Consumers are increasingly concerned about their carbon footprint and are making active choices in the market to promote sustainability. This means that moving forward, every industrial design company must consider how their products can be made more eco-friendly. This will not only attract more customers to a specific brand, but it will also establish a positive reputation for the industry at large and prompt a domino effect for a better world.