How Do I Know Which Copier Will Suit My Needs the Best?


Whether you work from home or in a traditional office setting, there are several things to consider when purchasing a new copier. So how do you effectively break down this process? Here is the most excellent advice we can provide from everyone’s go-to printer repair service close to Los Angeles and Orange County.

Determine the precise purpose for which you will use the copier.

It can seem ridiculous to bring up anything like this. What else is a copier used for, right? However, consider if you and your coworkers will primarily use your commercial copier for copying or its other essential services like printing, scanning, and faxing – and yes, people will still use fax machines in late 2022! 

Think about your budget.

How much can you afford to spend on a new copier in total? Make sure your spending stays within your budget’s allowable range. However, you must also be aware that the cheapest copiers on the market will usually need help to do the work for you.

Print Quantity

How many copies and prints can you make on your device at once? The higher the page-per-minute, the larger the copier. If you work for a large organization, you should invest in a copier with a high PPM rating.

Features of color

Do you require a copier that can handle colored printing? If so, you’ll want to take care not to unintentionally buy a copier that can only print in black and white. A copier repair service won’t be able to fix that one for you!

Speed of scanning

Does the copier you’re thinking about copy documents as fast as you need? Examine the scanning rates of each potential copier.

Upgrade options

Most commercial copiers provide several update functions that might be required in the future. Pay great attention to these aspects and decide if they are suitable for the requirements of your office.

Think about whether the potential copier is compatible with your hardware.

You must confirm that your computer and other printer supplies, including mobile printing, are in good working order. It would be a nightmare if you got your new copier home to find that it doesn’t work with the rest of your electronics. Avoid this by delaying making such a significant choice.

Pro-tip: If you buy a used copier, check to ensure it functions properly.

To save money, you could choose to buy a used copier. If this applies to you, be sure the person selling you the copier will let you test out all of its capabilities, so you don’t fall victim to fraud. If not, you can end up needing to spend even more time and money looking for “the finest copier repair near me?”

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