How Market Research Helps To Develop A Product Strategy


If you are already familiar with the product development cycle, you should understand the fact that great product design services incorporate the 4Ps into their strategy:     

  • Product
  • Price
  • Placement
  • Promotion

These 4Ps are the center of the business strategy. Unlike the traditional school of thought, a product does not only refer to the physical item, service or product details. It also includes the vision of the product development companies, the development of the product, its positioning in the market and any future changes. 

In order to show how you can develop product strategy, let’s dig a little deeper into three particular aspects of market research:  

Better understanding of consumer needs

The most important role that market research plays is in developing growth opportunities for your business. It helps you understand the prospects that have been overlooked by all your competitors. To find the right opportunity for your business, discover how your new product is going to solve customer problems. Dig deeper into market research and understand how your product is different from existing products that prevail in the market. Identify whether or not your competitors are already providing the specific features of the product that you are going to launch. 

While doing your research, make sure that you explore all the avenues of information that are available. The ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, which means adding value to your product in a meaningful way. This component must be the central point in crafting a seamless product development strategy. 

Market fit analysis

Market fit analysis will help you understand three basic aspects of your product development process:

  1. Understanding current product offerings
  2. Analyze where the consumers go to buy the product 
  3. Evaluate your competitors

Understanding current product offerings

Oftentimes, businesses will overlook market fit analysis, which results in poor product development. The market fit analysis includes designing, adjusting, and redesigning your product to make it the perfect fit for your target market. It is critical for the growth rate and innovation of your business in a mature market. So, whether the business environment is mature or not, market fit analysis will help you design the best fit product.

Apart from understanding the current product offerings, market fit analysis helps you understand your target market better. It helps you think about:  

  • Who your customer is 
  • What their needs are
  • How to accommodate their needs 

Analyze where the consumers go to buy the product 

With the rise of internet powerhouses like Alibaba and Amazon, it is very hard to capture a market place. In a scenario like this, it is essential to pay attention to your eCommerce strategy and omnichannel retailing. Having in-depth knowledge will help you understand the consumer decision-making process. 

Evaluate your competitors 

Understanding competitors can make a huge difference. Pay attention to factors like communication methods and customer habits so that you can adjust your tactics to generate a successful outcome. 

As we’ve learned, the three significant factors of product strategy that you need to pay attention to are your competitors, the market, and the consumer. If you are providing product design services, be sure to pay close attention to these aspects, which will help you design a winning product. 

Thoughtful product development based on these aspects can help you meet your target audience and boost your stats. Make sure you hire the right product design services for your business.