Top Commercial Real Estate Marketing Tips to End 2022


Are you a commercial real estate broker looking to close at least one final deal before 2022 ends? If so, you have come to the right place. In this article, we share five commercial real estate marketing tips for you to close a new deal towards the end of Q4.

With the holiday season fast approaching, closing deals can become particularly challenging. Between today and January 1st, everyone starts getting preoccupied with certain tasks and holiday plans. 

Both your and your client’s schedules get busy during this time of year. That said, it is not impossible to make at least one more deal before the year ends. Here are five ways that you can close a deal and end the year 2022 on a high note:

1. Leverage your outreach efforts.

You need to leverage your outreach efforts because there are still a number of prospective clients who want to sell or refinance their properties before the year comes to an end. It is up to you to seek these people out as quickly as you can. 

With AI-powered commercial real estate software, you have the ability to locate properties that are most likely to sell or refinance fast. You also gain access to true owner contact information- not just an LLC. AI software can also give you accurate sales comps to stay on top of market trends and make successful negotiations as you close a deal.

2. Share a holiday greeting.

The holidays are always a busy time. You need to make sure that you are still on your client’s mind, and the way to remind them is by sharing a holiday greeting.

Don’t hesitate to check in on your current, past, and prospective clients. For your active clients, you may want to send them more than just a card. Instead, consider sending them a gift basket or a bottle of wine as a holiday greeting. If you want to wish previous or prospective clients well, sending a holiday card or even making a personal phone call is appropriate. 

3. Invest in a CRM platform.

You should invest in a solid customer relationship management (CRM) platform so that you can stay on top of your client contact list, increase your deal velocity, and avoid missing a follow-up with prospective clients.

If you are looking to use a CRE marketing platform, you should know that CREOP’s CRM was designed by commercial property marketing professionals who understand that brokers have two priorities: drive deals and build a successful customer base. 

4. Set up targeted end-of-year campaigns

If you want to make a deal soon, you need to start an End-of-Year (EOY) campaign. Your campaign needs to be exciting and captivate your contacts’ attention.

Here are the steps you need to take when starting an EOY campaign:

  1. Segment your CRM into groups. 
  2. Create a list of clients that said you could follow up later in the year.
  3. Contact the aforementioned clients to see if they are still interested in making a deal.

The clients you reach out to may not have been ready to list their property earlier in the year, but sending them an email now can give them a boost of encouragement and potentially lead to a deal. 

5. Post on social media.

Social media is an effective tool to build trust with clients and make connections with past as well as prospective clients. Make sure to post on a regular basis if you want to gain higher engagement rates and ultimately make a deal before the year ends.

The following social media marketing strategies are worth noting:

  • Focus on certain social networks. Platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram are the most effective platforms for connecting with your clients and build an audience.
  • Post your market insights on a routine basis. These insights help build your credibility; they show audiences that you have expert CRE knowledge. Discuss trends and share your predictions for the 2023 market.
  • Respond to all comments that people post on your social media. Boost your engagement by encouraging people to share their thoughts on your platform. 
  • Let your personality shine. You want prospective clients to see that you are genuine. If you have an (appropriate) sense of humor, let people see that!

Even though it can be challenging to close a deal during the holiday season, it is not impossible when you have a strategy in place. With these simple commercial real estate marketing tips, you can feel confident about ending the year strong.